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We create diverse connections to drive positive change.

Innovate UK KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking – accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions. Innovate UK KTN is part of the Innovate UK Group – the UK’s innovation agency.

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Our Work

Explore the diverse range of UK industries supported by Innovate UK KTN.



KTN helps organisations interested in AgriFood innovation access the expert information, funding and connections needed to drive change.  Our experts work with businesses of all sizes; locally, nationally and globally.

AgriFood Experts

David Telford

Head of Agri Food

KTM UK and International AgriFood

Simon Baty

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Food

Debbie Tully

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Food

Kaeli Johnson

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Agri Food (Crops)

Lucy Mather

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Livestock & Aquaculture

Pedro Carvalho

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Plants & Crops

Knowledge Transfer Manager AgriFood - Livestock and Aquaculture

Knowledge Transfer Manager AgriFood



The Biotechnology team at KTN focuses on Industrial Biotechnology (IB), Engineering Biology (EB, commonly referred to as Synthetic Biology) and Microbiomes.

Biotechnology Experts

Catherine Mort

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Industrial Biotechnololgy

Rajesh Mistry

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Industrial Biotechnology

Dana Heldt

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Industrial Biotechnology



By 2050 our industry will have embraced a circular economy and be using different feedstocks, technologies and energy sources to produce chemicals. The KTN Chemistry team can help you navigate these changes and identify innovation that will ensure your business, research or service remains sustainable.

Chemistry Experts

Peter Clark

Head of Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology

Michael Burnett

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Process Manufacturing

Sheena Hindocha

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Materials Chemistry

Matthew Reeves

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Materials Chemistry and Formulation

Creative Industries


The KTN Creative team helps organisations interested in innovation in the Creative Industries to access funding, expert knowledge and to make powerful and diverse connections.

Creative Industries Experts

Andy Curtis

Head of Digital & Creative

Asha Easton

KTM - Immersive Technologies and Experiences



Human-centred design is for businesses of any size who are interested in early-stage innovation strategy. For start-ups, strategic design helps get brilliant ideas to the right market. For established businesses, it helps reposition or expand their offering.

Design Experts

Abigail Hird

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Design

John Bound

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Innovation & Design

Leanne Fowles

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Data Visualisation



The KTN Digital team helps organisations interested in Digital innovation to access funding, expert knowledge and to make powerful and diverse connections.

Digital Experts

Asha Easton

KTM - Immersive Technologies and Experiences

Andy Curtis

Head of Digital & Creative

Richard Foggie

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Digital Economy & Internet of Things

Robin Kennedy

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Cybersecurity

Astrid Ayel

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Blockchain & Fintech

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Online Safety Technologies



Electronics is the enabler of all things digital. It is the hardware and embedded software that allows products and processes to communicate, have power, have intelligence and awareness, be controlled, be automated and operate safely. It’s built into many sectors, including health, aerospace, manufacturing and retail.

Electronics Experts

Sven Knowles

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Electronic Systems

Paul Huggett

Acting Head of Industrial Technologies and Manufacturing



KTN’s Energy Team is at the centre of KTN’s work contributing to delivering the UK’s ambitious Net Zero targets. With specialists in Nuclear, Offshore Wind, Thermal Energy Systems, Batteries, Water, Hydrogen, Sustainable Energy, Grid and Distributed Systems, Electrical Energy Systems and Solar, the team has deep expertise, powerful connections and a track record of successful projects delivering environmental and societal impact.

Energy Experts

John Ransford

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Energy

Steffan Eldred

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Energy & Infrastructure

Chris Bagley

Head of Infrastructure

Jenni McDonnell

KTM - Thermal Energy Systems

Louise Jones

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Smart Energy Systems

Nikoleta Piperidou

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Infrastructure & Energy

Ray Chegwin

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Nuclear



The world is powered by data; turning data into information helps us make decisions across all sectors of the economy. Innovate UK KTN hosts an innovation network that focuses on connecting the data holders and data processors with the people that can benefit from the insight geospatial data can provide.

Geospatial Experts

Luca Budello

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Geospatial Insights



Health is critical to our wellbeing as individuals, plays a key role in societal and economic advances, and presents many opportunities for environmental impact. Innovations in health & care allow us to alleviate suffering, increase quality of life and life expectancy, and manage the needs of a changing and ageing population.

Health Experts

Karen Wilkinson

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Health

Terry O'Neill

Head of Health

Matt Chapman

Knowledge Transfer Manager - MedTech & Manufacturing

Mehdi Tavakoli

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Health

Gabriela Juarez Martinez

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Pharma & MedTech

David Calder

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Health & Care

KTM Medicines Manufacturing

Industrial Maths


This team within KTN harnesses the power of mathematics to meet business needs and help a wide range of industries express problems in an accessible way. We also facilitate new partnerships with an extensive network of mathematical scientists and institutions across the UK.

Industrial Maths Experts

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Emerging Modelling Applications



Against an overarching low carbon agenda, our mission is to support the development of UK innovation to deliver clean, accessible and secure energy & water systems through a digitally enabled construction sector and so provide smart, resilient and successful cities and communities.

We do this by simplifying the UK Innovation landscape and providing rapid transfer of high-quality information on technologies, markets, funding and partnering opportunities.

The expertise we bring spans energy systems, water, infrastructure and construction.

Infrastructure Experts

Chris Bagley

Head of Infrastructure

Mike Moseley

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Construction



KTN’s Manufacturing team helps manufacturers to innovate, and innovators to manufacture. We work with a broad spectrum of organisations, sectors and technology areas, advising on innovation and connecting to partners, experts, facilities and funding.

Manufacturing Experts

Paul Huggett

Acting Head of Industrial Technologies and Manufacturing

Nicole Ballantyne

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Manufacturing

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Manufacturing

Knowledge Transfer Manager ‑ Manufacturing



The Materials Team in KTN covers a broad scope of the materials life cycle, from feedstock, processing techniques, design and manufacture, testing, standardisation, resource efficiency and circularity.

Materials Experts

Robert Quarshie

Head of Materials

Ajay Kapadia

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Composites

Sally Beken

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Polymers

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Smart Materials and Technical Textiles

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Advanced Materials



Photonics is the science and technology of light. This includes lasers, optical systems and components, as well as fibre optics. Photonics is a £13.5bn industry in the UK. Photonics technology is used across various UK industries and in society, from optical communications and data storage to laser sensors for autonomous vehicles.

Photonics Experts

Matthew Wasley

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Photonics



Quantum-enabled devices present a huge market opportunity for the UK. These technologies could transform a range of sectors including transport, healthcare, infrastructure, ICT, telecommunications and defence.

Quantum Experts

Bob Cockshott

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Position, Navigation & Timing and Quantum

Najwa Sidqi

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Quantum Technologies

Robotics & AI


From Healthcare to Legaltech, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are significant globalised technologies that can be applied in many sectors. The extensive industrial and academic research base in the UK can support both the national and global markets in addressing key challenges impacting societies today.

Robotics & AI Experts

Caroline Chibelushi

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Intelligent Systems

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Robotics and AI

Phil Williams

Head of Complex Systems

Security & Defence


The UK is committed to spending a minimum 2% of GDP on defence over the next decade, and at least 20% of that spending on equipment. This commitment represents spending some £186 billion on defence equipment and support in the ten years from 2018/19. In addition, the UK is the second largest defence exporter, winning defence orders worth £14 billion (2018).

Security & Defence Experts

Hazel Biggs

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Security & Defence



Sensor technologies create measurements and convert them into digital data. This data can then be analysed to inform decision making. What’s being measured could be chemical, bological, physical, mechanical or any other quantities such as chemicals, proteins, weight, dimensions and more.

Sensors Experts

Liqun Yang

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Sensors



Space is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, with the ambition to capture 10% of the world market by 2030. Currently, the UK manufactures over 20% of the satellites in orbit and has established a path towards launching satellites from UK soil by 2021.

Space Experts

Andy Bennett

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Space



Transport connects people, places, goods and services. Innovation in transport has the potential to benefit our economy, society and environment.

The transport system of the future will be more efficient, cleaner and smarter, through utilising enhanced digital, communication and autonomous technologies.

Transport Experts

Michelle Carter

Head of Transport

Matthew Moss

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Maritime

Hannah Abson

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Aviation

Simon Buckley

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Zero Emission Mobility

Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Rail



The water sector impacts on every single person, business and industry type in the UK.  We turn on the tap and expect clean water. We rely on the water infrastructure, the pipes, the sewerage treatment, the rapid fixing of leaks. And we expect environmental issues to be a cornerstone of the industry and its operations.

Water Experts

Jonathan Abra

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Water



Covid-19 continues to be present in our lives at home and at work.  KTN is ideally placed to work for the greater good and has already demonstrated its powerful connections through work on the Vaccines Taskforce, the Ventilator Challenge and advising the government on social distancing.  We can bring together sectors to work on supply chain issues and our network can be a source of innovative solutions and approaches.

Covid-19 Experts

Global Alliance


We want the very best of the world connected to the very best of the UK. That’s why we built this programme; to form international collaborations with governments, societies, enterprises, institutions and people from every corner of the globe. It is innovation diplomacy at its best.

Global Alliance Experts

Nee-Joo Teh

Head of KTN Global Alliance

Country Lead - Kenya

Jane Watkins

Regional Lead - European Programmes

Viola Hay

Knowledge Transfer Manager - European Programmes

Siân Summerton

Programme Lead - Global Expert Missions

Sophie West

Africa Regional Lead

KTM Development and International

Project Manager- KTN Global Alliance Africa

Project Coordinator ‑ International and Development



We are driving positive economic, societal, and environmental change through innovation.

Innovation Experts

John Bound

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Innovation & Design

Abigail Hird

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Design

Chris Bagley

Head of Infrastructure

Emma McKenna

Head of Net Zero



We work with public innovation funding and private finance providers where investment can create a positive change.

Investment Experts

Susanne Coles

Head of Investment and Business Development

Emma Fadlon

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Investment

KTM, Investment Communities

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


For over 45 years Knowledge Transfer Partnerships have been helping businesses innovate for growth by accessing the UK’s world-leading knowledge base.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Experts

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Stephen Woodhouse

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Jan Stringer

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Gerry O'Hagan

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Mark Lynch

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Philippa Ryan

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Matthew Hogan

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Jody Chatterjee

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Mohan Ahad

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Russ Bromley

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Jose Freedman

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Mark Matchett

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Kamran Hussein

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Mick Card

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Andrew Kenney

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Susan Suttle

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

John Clayton

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Ian Blakemore

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Trevor Gregory

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Andy Barnett

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Andy Treen

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Gerry Black

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Jim Berryman

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Ian Heywood

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Lorna Howarth

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Ken Frame

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Joel Ferguson

Senior Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Stephen McComb

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Narpal Sihra

Project Manager, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships



The world is changing at an ever greater pace. Industry and innovators are responding, working together to create the products, services and businesses of the future. KTN is here to help.

Sustainability Experts

Kelly Botham

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Net Zero

Emma McKenna

Head of Net Zero

Sheena Hindocha

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Materials Chemistry

Sally Beken

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Polymers

Michelle Carter

Head of Transport
Moving away from our dependency on fossil fuels to a truly Net Zero carbon future

Innovate UK KTN's response to the Energy Security Strategy

Innovate UK KTN's Clean Energy and Infrastructure Team has reviewed the Government's strategy: read our feedback and recommendations.

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Latch Aid gets £1m in equity investment and £510k Innovation Loan to scale up

Women in Innovation winner secures over £1.5m total funding

Founded by Dr Chen Mao Davies, Latch Aid provides revolutionary breastfeeding and early parenthood support and has won several awards.

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At GRIPS22, experts explored the importance of developing processes to accommodate sustainability.

Plastic Products: Designing to Do The Right Thing

We’ve distilled five actions you can implement now to ensure you are Doing The Right Thing as you design and develop plastic products.

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Thinking outside the signal box

Rail innovators are striving to get the industry back on track after the shock of the pandemic.

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Funding Opportunities

Innovation Loans Future Economy Competition – Round 2

UK registered businesses can apply for loans for innovative projects with strong commercial potential to significantly improve the UK economy.

Opens: 14/04/2022 Closes: 11/05/2022

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