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Engineering Biology

Engineering Biology (EngBio) provides us with the opportunity to step away from traditional methods and provide innovative solutions for challenges brought by climate change and the associated impact areas, like food availability and the need for sustainable feedstocks.

EngBio applies engineering principles to biology and enables us to build and manufacture novel biological systems and products. Together with Industrial Biotechnology, the two sectors are the driving force behind achieving UK’s ambitious goal of doubling the BioEconomy by 2030. We are also working closely with the Engineering Biology Leadership Council and UKRI to ensure the UK is a world leader in Engineering Biology.

KTN work across the EngBio innovation pipeline, enabling the translation of engineering biology into commercial outputs. Through our Engbio Landscape Map, we’ll highlight industry contacts, researchers and relevant stakeholders that can help you explore novel biobased solutions.

Our Engineering Biology Expert

Dana Heldt

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Funding Opportunities

Biomedical Catalyst 2020: round 1, early and late stage awards

UK registered SMEs can apply for a share of up to £30m to develop a product or process that is an innovative solution to a health and care challenge.

Opens: 27/07/2020 Closes: 07/10/2020

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships - July-Oct 2020

You can improve your business’ competitiveness and productivity through funded partnerships with academics and researchers. Management KTPs are also available, with a separate dedicated funding pot.

Opens: 16/07/2020 Closes: 07/10/2020

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