A Mini-Conference brought to you by KTN and ConsultingWhere

Geospatial data has proven to be beneficial across industries, and is being used in many applications, including identifying communication gaps, humanitarian relief, cost-saving and insurance. While it has been used in multiple sectors, from agriculture and healthcare, to transport, security and the public sector, the true benefit of embedding this data in business innovation has not been fully realised, and the complexity/challenges may be poorly understood.

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Advancements in the application of Artificial Intelligence to Geospatial data are starting to show the promising signs of being able to unlock its true potential. And the promise of what GeoAI can deliver sustains the interest of commercial and governmental organisations to push the innovation envelop.

But what does GeoAI really mean? How does it work? And what are the challenges?

During this mini-conference, we explored the application of AI for the Geospatial sector, and how it creates new and enhanced use cases, demonstrating the power of Where.

In the first session, we will demystify some of the technology concepts and leading tools being used to implement them:

  • What exactly is deep learning?
  • Why is edge processing important?
  • Who are the philosophical gurus to follow?
  • How are big geospatial data and AI related?
  • What is “The Graph”?
  • Are TensorFlow and Pytorch the whole software story?
  • What are the prospects for general AI?

In the second session, we will examine some of the most groundbreaking use cases of Geospatial and how they employ AI to support actionable insights that generate social and/or economic benefits for government, business and civil society.

In the third session, 1-2-1 meetings organised via Meeting Mojo will allow delegates to network, create opportunities for establishing new collaborations, or get in touch with KTN’s AI and Geospatial leads.

This event is particularly relevant for software technologists and data scientists with experience in either spatial analysis and AI tools as well as CTOs, Heads of Science/Data, decision-makers and innovation leads in both the private and public sector. University researchers and professors interested in the topic are also invited to register.


10:00 – 12:30 GMT

  • Plenary Session (20 min)
  • Opening Presentation: The GeoAI Landscape (5 min)
  • Keynote Speech: Charles Kennelly – CTO, ESRI (UK) (15 min)

Panel I: Demystifying AI – Understanding the technology behind the buzzwords (45 min)

Moderator: Andrew Coote, ConsultingWhere

Panelists: Sheikh Khalid, Sensat

Charles Kennelly, ESRI

Natalia Efremova, DeepPlanet

Panel II: The application of AI in Geospatial – Showcasing ground-breaking use cases of GeoAI (60 min)

Moderator: Astrid Ayel, KTN

Panelists: Caroline Chibelushi, KTN

Ghislain Landry, Elemental Concepts

Rishi Sapre, Mantle Labs

Alexei Poliakov, Locomizer

  • Plenary Session (10 min)
  • Conclusion (10 min)

13:00 – 16:00 GMT

Networking Session

  • An opportunity to develop new collaborations; speakers and delegates will be able to organise 1-2-1 sessions via Meeting Mojo.