Beyond Covid-19: How can innovation play its part in a green economic recovery?

Join KTN’s Alicia Greated as she discusses innovation and a green economic recovery with a panel of industry experts.

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15.00 - 16.00



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Covid-19 has led to a world-wide pause. It’s led to aircraft being grounded, runways lying idle and empty motorways. Road use is down by over 70% to levels not seen since the 1950s. Daily demand for electricity has dropped and Britain has gone without coal-fired power generation for its longest stretch since the Industrial Revolution. The UK set a new solar power record on 20 April. World-wide, air quality has improved. It’s certainly not a reversal of climate change, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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The panelists, Melanie Bryce, Scottish and Southern Electricity; Peter Gudde SE Energy Hub; and Christine Boyle, Synergy, will discuss how we maintain this impetus and don’t immediately slip back to pre-Covid-19 ways; what the long-term implications are for the energy sector; and how innovation can help capitalise on these gains to introduce a green economic recovery.