The Future Flight Challenge is a £125m government investment delivered by UKRI to advance the next generation of aviation solutions. Phase III of the competition is set to launch in September.

To help businesses consider how to make their vehicle or technology more accessible to their prospective customers, KTN and UKRI have commissioned CCD Design and Ergonomics to deliver an online workshop focusing on human-centred design.

With 20% of the UK population classed as disabled and £2bn worth of revenue lost every month by those ignoring the needs of disabled people, this workshop will help you unlock the full potential of your Future Flight project.

During the four-hour online event you will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from those with lived experience of disability
  • Learn about physical, social and digital accessibility and how to create a more inclusive aviation system through applying disability theories and models, including the Social Model of Disability and Spoon Theory
  • Explore human-centred design thinking
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the economic benefits of access and inclusion, otherwise known as the Purple Pound and currently worth £274bn per year to UK businesses alone
  • Ideate and shape how Future Flight can help provide transportation and journey autonomy to the 40% in the disabled community who currently don’t hold a driving license.
  • Build personal and professional confidence and comfort within the access and inclusion arena, gaining an understanding of the positive impact inclusive design can have on disabled customers

Spaces are limited to 30. By registering your details, you are expressing your interest to participate in the workshop. Your request will be assessed and you will be notified nearer the time if you have been accepted.