The ISCF Driving the Electric Revolution “Engage with…” webinar series offers leading companies and organisations a platform to present to you:

  • Who they are and what they do
  • Their PEMD growth journey/roadmap and what they are doing in PEMD
  • Their challenges and future PEMD supply chain requirements, with a view of exploring future opportunities for partnerships/collaborations/projects

Webinar recording is now available

All with the aim for companies and organisations to seize the economic opportunities from the global transition to clean technologies and electrification.

SP Energy Networks, along with other electricity licensees, have been consistently promoting the awareness of great potentials of the application of Power Electronic device at the electricity networks.

SP Energy Networks have a holistic approach on this topic, covering medium voltage, low voltage DC such as onload tap changer, smart transformers and LVDC Networks.

This webinar will offer a valuable opportunity for you to hear from James Yu, their Innovation team about their strategy, most of all, their open call of collaboration to the power Electronics sectors.

Webinar series