An insight into the world and the challenges of balancing electric powertrain components

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Universal Balancing are global leaders in the design, manufacture, testing and servicing of precision balancing machines. They routinely supply an international client base with advanced technology, serving 6 continents through intelligent balancing machinery.

In recent years, Universal Balancing have advanced heavily into the global move towards electrification and have developed a complete range of machines for electric rotors and associated components such as transmission shafts, gears and couplings. Traditionally they supply manufacturers of powertrain components, including many of the world’s largest global manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, locomotive and marine industries.

Paul Fowler & Steve Fowler will provide insights into the world and the challenges of balancing electric powertrain components.

The ISCF Driving the Electric Revolution “Engage with…” webinar series offers leading companies and organisations a platform to present to you:

  • Who they are and what they do;
  • Their PEMD growth journey/roadmap and what they are doing in PEMD;
  • Their challenges and future PEMD supply chain requirements, with a view of exploring future opportunities for partnerships/collaborations/projects.

All with the aim for companies and organisations to seize the economic opportunities from the global transition to clean technologies and electrification.

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