The event is co-hosted by the National Physical Laboratory and the Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub. The programme has been collaboratively developed with KTN, BSi, NQCC, Quantic, the Quantum Communications Hub and Quantum Sensors and Timing Hub.

The afternoon workshops will be facilitator led and will focus on and debate the development of Quantum Technology Standards in support of UK Industry.

Attendance at the afternoon session is unfortunately limited, so we ask you to express your interest to attend. Places will be allocated to those with a strong interest in UK Quantum Technology Standards. Please do detail your background and preferred workshop theme when registering your interest.

The UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, within its recently refreshed strategic intent document, identifies the development of standards as an important part of the creation of a thriving quantum ecosystem. The aim of this workshop is to bring together UK industrial, governmental and academic organisations within the quantum field to exchange ideas about the need for standards, discuss which activities to pursue, and how the UK ensures that it plays a full role internationally in this emerging aspect of quantum technologies.

Draft Agenda

  • 14:00 – Introduction to parallel workshop sessions | Chair: Tim Prior, Quantum Technology Programme Manager, NPL
  • 14:00 – Workshop breakouts
    1. Standards in Quantum Computing
    2. Standards in Quantum Communication
    3. Standards in Imaging
    4. Standards in Sensing
  • 15:15 – Summary, conclusion and next steps
  • 15:45 – Afternoon workshop close