The Urban Air Mobility market is set to be worth $1.5tn by 2040 (Morgan Stanley), whilst still early days the rapidly developing technologies offer attractive new solutions to travel and logistics, particularly the last mile. The integration of aircraft with infrastructure and digital solutions presents exciting new business opportunities.

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With so many intersections and components to deliver Future Flight, how do investors hedge their bets and identify the right opportunity? How can we create a coherent investment landscape to deliver the UK ambition of an integrated aviation system?

Join us in the discussion as we tease out the complexities.

Future Flight Fridays is KTN’s webinar series that will help anyone interested in becoming involved in this programme to foster collaborations and share knowledge.

The Future Flight Challenge is a four year, £125m, Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme. Future Flight aims to revolutionise the way people, goods and services fly. It will support the development of a novel, integrated aviation system.

This challenge needs expertise from diverse sectors, not just aviation. The monthly webinar series will feature topics from various relevant sectors including creative industries, digital, infrastructure and law.

If you’re interested in building a diverse consortium, gaining new insights and finding technical expertise, find out what’s on in the series below.

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