i3P Talks with...Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure

Join this ‘i3P Talks with…’ webinar with Tina Catling from Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastucure to hear about Organisational Behaviours & Happiness.

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12.00 - 13.00



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“Making people more productive, happier and healthier while making organisations more profitable. I simply love innovation and ideas and creativity – it brings me alive and reminds me that work can be energising and exciting and even fun whilst also unlocking potential.”

‘i3P Talks with…’ is an opportunity to bring interesting topics and initiatives to the i3P membership, enabling ideas and collaborations around new and exciting themes.

These sessions are open to both i3P members and non-members.

Interested in running a session? Please get in touch and discuss your topic with the i3P team.

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