In addition to TFI competitions there are a host of other opportunities for you to develop your business. TFI, in conjunction with KTN are hosting webinars that will explain those opportunities and provide you with the knowledge and tools required to identify the right opportunity for you.

Webinar recording is now available


At this webinar delegates find out about:

  • Research & Development Tax Credits: In the UK companies can claim tax relief for their R&D activity. Find out how to access this benefit you have earned through innovating in the UK | Presented by Harinder Sandhu, CEO EmpowerRD
  • Valuing IP: Find out how you can realise your IP value, so you can capitalise on your intellectual property and intangible assets | Presented by Alison Orr, Business Development Manager, Inngot
  • Alternative funding: An introduction to asset finance and Innovation Loans: Asset finance is used by organisations who have the need or the opportunity to grow their business but perhaps may not have the funds readily to hand or prefer to spread the cost over a longer term. Innovation Loans are for game-changing innovations with strong commercial potential that will significantly improve the UK economy | Presented by Emma Fadlon, KTM Early-Stage Investment Co-director, CyberASAP

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