InSilicoUK network launch

Watch the recording from the online launch of the InSilicoUK network, co-created with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the British Standards Institute, the Association of British HealthTech Industries, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, techUK and Avicenna Alliance.

We are bringing together members from academia, industry, regulatory and notified bodies, innovators, technology providers, policy-makers and funders to learn about the transformational prospects of In Silico Trials.

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13.30 - 17.00



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Virtual or “in silico” trials are clinical trials performed in virtual populations via computer modelling and simulation. Computational modelling and simulation (CM&S) are omnipresent across industry sectors underpinned by engineering and science (e.g., automotive, aerospace and microelectronics). Surprisingly, this is seen less in pharma and medtech innovation and regulations. But this might be about to change…

Webinar recording is now available


Innovate UK KTN has launched a new UK-wide network, ‘InSilicoUK’,  bringing together a community to deliver an ecosystem for innovation and regulatory science  of medical products that parallels the UK’s ambition to be a “science superpower”.

CM&S promises to become a valid source of scientific evidence on product safety and efficacy that balances the desire for certainty about their performance and risks with limiting current delays in patient access to lifesaving treatments. In silico product design, evaluation and trialling can derisk innovations, cut down R&D costs, and minimise subsequent financial pressures on healthcare systems.

The UK has a world class and vibrant industrial fabric in life sciences, pharmaceuticals and health technologies. The government has recognised the importance of regulatory reform to bolster innovation and economic growth in these sectors. This initiative will identify barriers and enablers for faster adoption of in silico methods throughout the product life cycle, from research and innovation through to standards and regulations.

This industry-led launch event highlights the crucial importance of regulatory science and innovation for the UK economy, its  international dimension, and the key role of standards and regulators.

We are pleased to announce that Indro Mukerjee, CEO of Innovate UK, joined this special event as a keynote speaker as well as a selected range of high-profile speakers. We were also joined by the Science Minister, Minister George Freeman, for part of the event. Minister Freeman set out how virtual clinical trials can help contribute to the UK’s Science Superpower ambitions, driving our progress towards becoming an Innovation Nation.


High profile speakers at this event included:

  • Prof Alex Frangi, Royal Academy of Engineering, Chair in Computational Medicine | University of Leeds
  • Dave Delpy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Chair Healthcare Policy Group Prith Banerjee, CTO | Ansys
  • Ed Attenborough, CEO | Attenborough Medical
  • Neil Mesher, CEO | Philips UK and Ireland
  • Rebecca Bryan, Senior Business Development Manager | Synopsis
  • Mark Palmer, Research Director | Medtronic
  • Tina Morrision, Director Office of Regulatory Science and Innovation
  • Rob Turpin, Head of Sector for Healthcare | BSI
  • Johan Ordish, Deputy Director for Medical Device Software and Digital Health | MHRA
  • Flora Musuamba, EMA Vice Chair Modelling and Simulation Working Party
  • Angel Luis Guzman Rodriguez, S&C Project Engineer Advisor, Standardization and Testing | ASME
  • Sheena Macpherson, Founder and CEO | ObjectivAI Ltd
  • James Pink, Director | Element Materials Technology
  • Marc Horner, Sr Principal Engineer, Healthcare | Ansys
  • Steve Hoare, Quality, Regulatory Science & Safety Policy Director | ABPI
  • Phil Brown, Director, Regulatory & Compliance | ABHI
  • Sue Daley, Director for Technology and Innovation | TechUK

The event has been co-created with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the British Standards Institution, the Association of British HealthTech Industries, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, techUK, and Avicenna Alliance.


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Keynote speeches
  • In Silico Trials: what are they and why a UK Roadmap?
  • Panel of Industry Leaders on unlocking the benefits and adoption of in silico regulatory evidence in the UK
  • Standardisation and Regulations Panel: on regulations, standards and international harmonisation to catalyse adoption of modeling and simulation
  • An open platform to ask questions, identify  barriers and suggest enablers for adoption of in silico trials in innovation and regulations

This online recording is public and open to all. However, we strongly encourage the In Silico trials industry stakeholders, academics, clinicians, and regulators to watch if you missed the event.