This competition provides a great opportunity for organisations to work collaboratively together to look at new products and technologies in compostable consumer packaging. However, any solutions must consider what will happen at the end of life of the packaging.

Webinar recording is now available


This workshop was used to enable collaborations to be built in this specific topic area through presentations and breakout out rooms.

Attendees were asked the following questions as part of the event:

  • How do you solve the problem of End of life for compostables/biodegradables?
  • How can projects related to biodegradable compostable packaging ACTUALLY get composted AT SCALE?
  • What’s your involvement/contribution/technology innovation that will facilitate this?

Indicative agenda

  1. Introduction, scene setting and what we are seeing – KTN
  2. SSPP background and why this topic is important – Innovate UK
  3. Presentation(s) – The current situation (including anaerobic digestion)
  4. Pitch session
  5. Break out groups
  6. Plenary Q&A/Discussion