What are Metamaterials and Sensors technologies?

Metamaterials are a group of materials manufactured to deliver specific functionality in a system. These materials can be exploited by other industries and applications to deliver functionalities other than those envisaged.

Sensors are devices designed to exploit the properties of a functional material, induced by the presence of targeted measurands, for generating corresponding electrical signals. These properties could be sensing materials’ physical or chemical properties.

Why you should attend?

Each Metamaterial is developed to possess a specific functionality and their unique properties may offer great opportunities for a new generation of sensors and the development of sensing technologies.

A major obstacle for the commercialisation of Metamaterials is that these functional materials are newly emerging and are not yet widely known in industry, including the sensors community. This event is an opportunity to enable Metamaterials researchers and Sensors industry community members to share knowledge on technology potentials.

Who should attend?

This  event will be useful for anyone interested in sensing technologies and functional materials, particularly any members of the sensing community interested in developing a new generation of sensors or improving sensor performance. If you are interested in developing sensors using metamaterials technologies, this webinar is for you.

This webinar aims to generate new ideas, and help to promote collaboration, create new partnerships, and accelerate commercial exploration of Metamaterials for industrial, particularly, sensor innovation developments in the UK.



10:00 – Welcome and introduction – KTN

10:10 – Speaker 1: Sensing market, challenges, and opportunities

10:25 – Speaker 2: Nanophotonics Metamaterials, properties and potential applications

10:40 – Speaker 3: Acoustics Metamaterials, properties and potential applications

10:55 – Speaker 4: RF/ microwave metamaterials, properties and potential applications

11:10 – Q&A and panel discussion

12:00 – Webinar close & lunch break

13:00 – 16:00 – Online networking session via Meeting-mojo