On the 30th of March 2021, we hosted a workshop that gave our community the opportunity to discuss metamaterial’s technologies, their potential applications and the realisable manufacturing techniques for delivering their added value.

Webinar recording is now available

Find the slides here.


A number of questions were asked in several breakout groups through the medium of Mural and a range of outcomes have arisen. We would like to disseminate the workshop findings through a Post-event Webinar on the 2nd of June and elicit further feedback from the community, especially those who expressed an interest in the event but were unable to attend.

Why attend this webinar?

At this event, you will learn where we see the current and potential uses of metamaterials as well as the associated needs as regards manufacturing and standards. You will have the opportunity to comment on and challenge the view as we seek to develop the future picture for metamaterials and their ability to add value.

Agenda Outline

The webinar will be divided into 3 sessions. Each session will consist of an introductory presentation summarising the findings of the breakout groups from the Metamaterials Applications and Manufacturing Workshop, followed by a Q&A session with a panel of experts. The 3 sessions will cover the following themes:

  • 10:00 | Metamaterials applications
  • 11:00 | The needs and issues in manufacturing
  • 12:00 | Metrology & standards

This Webinar is public and free. Please, register to receive all the details you will need to attend this event.