Learn of the potential of cryo-electronics in quantum computing and other disciplines.

Cryogenic electronics is of critical importance in many fields including quantum technologies, astronomy and particle physics. This event is designed to bring scientists, engineers and industry across all relevant disciplines to advance the integration of electronics at cryogenic temperatures and combine resources to solve common challenges. With this meeting, we hope to progress towards demonstrating the relevance and market size of cryogenic electronics. We welcome foundries and industry stakeholders in considering further engagement with this technology and present a state-of-the-art picture for all relevant stakeholders.

Webinar recording and slides are now available

Find the slides here.

About the Quantum Technologies Innovation Network

The Quantum Technologies Innovation Network (formerly known as QT SIG) will help to maximise the return from the UK Government’s £350m investment over 5 years to commercialise quantum technology. This Innovation Network is a delivery partner in the National Programme and supports and connects researchers, technology developers and users to link markets and suppliers to create a self-sustaining and profitable world-class UK quantum technology sector.