Join us on 16th April 2021 to hear about the Healthy Ageing Challenge funding opportunity, which opens for applications on the 12th April, for Social Ventures working on solutions to help people as they age. This will be a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition providing 100% of project costs via a contract for R&D.

The aim of this competition is to enable the very best businesses with a social purpose. The successful applicants will be able to access financial support to develop and deliver innovative products and services. These innovations should address the one of more of 7 themes identified by the Healthy Ageing Challenge to support people as the age.

Businesses who apply for this support should have a lead customer in place and have ambition to scale and spread their innovation.

The webinar will introduce the competition and the key themes and there will be opportunity to ask questions.

The overall Healthy Ageing Programme is described at the link here alongside the other open competition: Investment Accelerator.