Understanding the UK Supply Chain Opportunity in Materials for Permanent Magnets

Supporting the launch of our report on the UK supply chain opportunity in materials for permanent magnets, this event will discuss its findings and recommendations in more detail, and offer the opportunity to network with the wider supply chain.

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10.00 - 11.00



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Innovate UK KTN’s Chemistry & Industrial Biotechnology team, in conjunction with the Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge at Innovate UK, has recently conducted a review into the rare-earth materials and magnet supply chain opportunity for the UK, and we are now pleased to share our findings with the wider community through this event. To access the report, please click here.

The supply security of rare-earth permanent sintered magnets, and the rare-earth raw materials that these contain, is a strategic area for the UK. These high-performance permanent magnets are used in many applications including wind turbines, electric motors for electric vehicles, MRI machines, consumer electronics and military machines. The market supply is currently dominated by China, and accelerated moves towards electrification in the West will increase demand over the coming years. There is a strategic and economic imperative to diversify supply to secure the materials and components needed to realise national decarbonisation and electrification strategies. In the webinar we highlight key information on this topic and make recommendations as to how the UK can improve its position.

Who is the event for?

This event is for anyone with an interest in the opportunities for any part of the UK supply chain for permanent magnets – including mining, rare-earth materials primary refining and chemical processing, magnet manufacturers, secondary refiners and recyclers, and end users including power electronics, machines and drives, health technology, renewable energy and consumer electronics. The webinar would also be of interest to anyone involved with UK critical minerals policy.

Event Format

The event will include talks around the report and recommendations, followed by a Q&A session. You will also have the chance to use our networking tools on Airmeet throughout the day.