There is no one recipe for innovation, nor for how to successfully set up, grow a business and tell its story.

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Navigating the innovation ecosystem takes courage, resilience, the ability to reinvent oneself, a growth mindset, embracing one’s vulnerability and so much more.

It requires entrepreneurial storytelling that not only inspires others but that also provides a framework to help with values-aligned decisions and future direction.

There are many ways in which we frame stories and in which we tell those stories. There are also stories we tell ourselves that do not necessarily serve us in our personal and professional journeys.

Join us for this year’s first webinar part of the Let’s talk about…series, to discuss about The Power of Storytelling for women embarked on entrepreneurial journeys.

The “Let’s Talk About…” webinar series started in 2020 is designed to drive powerful conversations, share stories, and provide inspirational advice from women and male allies at the heart of the discussion.

Throughout the series, we will continue to share the stories of women from a range of industries, backgrounds and walks of life. We will highlight female role models and inspirational individuals, all to showcase how they took a leap of faith to pursue their business or personal dreams.

Chaired by a guest host and featuring one speaker/a panel of incredible speakers, join the conversation, ask the questions you most want to know, share tips and advice, and most importantly, get motivated and uncover your true potential.