Being good at negotiating and making sure you get want you want is a matter of knowing how to play the game.

Power and control are key elements when negotiating, but the interesting thing is power can be perceived.  In other words if the other side perceives you as being in control, then that’s all that matters. By overcoming imposter syndrome, having a clear goal and understanding how to gain power and control, you can become an expert negotiator!

During this engaging and dynamic live, virtual workshop, Katherine Baker, CEO and Founder of Intrinsic Energy will enable you to learn the rules to the game of negotiating, discover techniques to keep yourself calm under pressure, and uncover methods to ensure you get what you want.

Places are limited for this workshop, and it will not be recorded, so please express your interest if you would like to attend, and we shall be in touch if you have been allocated a place.

Delivered by...

Katherine Baker | Founder and CEO, Intrinsic Energy

As a key-note speaker, facilitator, coach, and writer, Katherine inspires people to maximise their personal and professional potential through developing deeper self-understanding and stronger communication techniques. She works with a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures, supporting them in achieving and maintaining prominence in the global economy by focusing on management leadership, business development, and personal growth.

Katherine has been requested to inspire leaders across the globe from Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and America in their preparation for the top positions in their companies.

Katherine is also responsible for co-founding Congress London, a women’s support and mentoring network that helps women to progress their own careers and become inspirational leaders. Featured in Marie Claire magazine, The Evening Standard, and The Financial Times, Katherine hosts panel discussions and speaks at their regular large events. The aim of these events is for each person to come away with actionable guidance that they can use immediately to improve their working life.