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Decarbonising Ports & Harbours

The Decarbonising Ports & Harbours Innovation Network is addressing the commitments of the Industry Maritime 2050 plan and the challenges of decarbonising ports and harbours by catalysing cross sector activity.

Our current climate crisis, created through the burning of fossil fuels, will have a significant impact on our health, livelihoods and environment if specific measures aren’t taken to curb its effects. This is a wide and varied effort which involves collaboration across sectors and industries, public and private. To this end the Decarbonising of Ports & Harbours Innovation Network aims to convene a community that addresses the challenges of decarbonising port activities, which will lead to reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and improved localised air quality.

Ports and harbours are complex infrastructure facilities, which host equipment and activity from a diverse range of sectors that need to be brought together to operate in a different way. These sectors include Energy Systems, Transportation, Construction & Infrastructure and Complex Systems. This Innovation Network will focus on major ports and harbours that have a cross section of usage including cargo, ferries, and containers, thus addressing a broad range of energy issues. The strategic objective is to catalyse pockets of cross sector activity and establish a single community addressing the challenge of decarbonising ports and harbours.

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Our Decarbonising Ports & Harbours Expert

Mark Wray

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