Ceramics & Glass

Ceramics and glass materials exhibit high strength, high elastic modulus and are electrical and thermal insulators. Advanced ceramics and glasses are engineered to optimise its mechanical, electrical, magnetic and optical properties.

These find applications as structural ceramics (e.g. high-stress, high-temperature), electronic ceramics (e.g. sensors, capacitors, semiconductors), optical ceramics and glasses (e.g. photoelectrics, solid-state lasers), ceramic coatings (e.g. wear, corrosion resistance) and magnetic ceramics (sensors, information storage).

Advanced ceramics and glass markets are worth $133.9 Billion (CAGR 9.1%) and $60.62 Billion (CAGR 9%) by 2025. This remarkable market growth is expected to be driven by the introduction of innovations in the market such as additive manufacturing. However, ceramics and glass industries are challenged by inefficient use of resources, production processes, making them one of the largest industrial CO2 polluters in the UK.

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