Agri-Tech Catalyst Competition Round 10 - Webcast recordings and slides now available

Posted on: 09/07/2020

Open to UK and African organisations who want to collaborate on an Agri-Tech project around food chain innovation in Africa.


Are you working on Agri-Tech innovation and would like to implement some of your ideas in Africa?

If so, you could get funding thanks to the Agri-Tech Catalyst Competition, Round 10, opening on 20 July.


The funding available through the competition is for Agri-Tech projects on food chain innovations in Africa. These projects need to be delivered by a UK and an African organisation working together.


To find out all you need to know about this competition and start the process of finding a partner organisation, attend one of our three Information & Networking Webinars.

Each webinar will cover a different aspect of the competition scope.

  • Crop Production – Thursday 9 July – 10am
  • Livestock and Aquaculture – Thursday 9 July – 1pm
  • Food Systems and Nutrition: Thursday 9 July – 3pm


Who is it for?

These events are for you if:

  • You’re a UK or Africa based business, research organisation, academic or university working on Agri-Tech innovation around the food chain
  • You’re interested in exploring the implementation of your project in Africa
  • You’d like to partner with an organisation in Africa/UK to work together on this project
  • You’d like funding to help with your collaborative project


Why attend?

  • Get a better understanding of the Agri-Tech Catalyst Competition including the competition process, rules and scope
  • Hear about specific issues affecting crops/livestock/food in Africa
  • Find out what African/UK partners are looking for
  • Get answers to your questions during the live Q&A
  • Start networking to find an African/UK organisation to partner with
  • View other attendees’ profiles and choose who you’d like to speak with, thanks to our clever online networking tool


What to expect?

Each event will follow a similar format.

  • Introduction
  • Eligibility and scope of the competition
  • Case study from a previous competition winner
  • Q&A
  • 1 to 1 meetings


Webcast recordings and slides are now available:

  • Agri-Tech Catalyst Round 10 – Crop Production

Find the slides here.


  • Agri-Tech Catalyst Round 10 – Livestock & Aquaculture

Find the slides here.


  • Agri-Tech Catalyst Round 10 – Food Systems and Nutrition

Find the slides here.


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