If you’re an AgriFood PhD student who has a particular focus on innovation in the Livestock or Aquaculture industry, you could join our AgriFood team for a three month placement.

Click here to apply. 

The PhD student Professional Intern Placement will allow the participant to work within industry for a period of three months to help gain an understanding of working in a commercial setting.  The student will provide support to the AgriFood team on a livestock or aquaculture specific project provided by KTN.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this placement will be carried out remotely. We will provide all the necessary support and equipment for a successful placement. The PhD student should be in receipt of a stipend from their host institution in order to allow them to successfully complete the placement. We have used this remote-working approach successfully in 2020, providing good outcomes for both the student and KTN. Read what  Carlota, a third year PhD student at the University of Reading and NIAB EMR had to say about her placement with us. 

Potential topics would include: 

  • A review of livestock and/or aquaculture start-ups
  • Helping livestock and/or aquaculture respond to climate change through innovation
  • Innovation opportunities to minimise the environmental impact of livestock and/or aquaculture
  • Opportunities for deployment of novel technologies in livestock and/or aquaculture
  • Livestock and/or aquaculture industry needs that are not currently addressed by innovation/technology

We would also be open to discussing ideas that the candidate has within the broader remit of livestock and aquaculture innovation.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 19th October 2020.

We will interview prospective students shortly after the closing date. 

Placements will ideally take place between November 2020 and April 2021.

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