"Where both the regulators and the regulated don’t just exist together but positively flourish."

AI for Services has launched a podcast series to share the personal stories of the founders who are leading the development of the awarded projects. In the first four episodes, Astrid Ayel interviews the Enabling Data Access Competition winners.

In this interview, Sally Sfeir-Tait opens up about her journey from lawyer and regulator to starting her own business and talks about “balancing the interests of the few with the interests of the many, in a harmonious way”.

The AIR Platform is a ground-breaking data access utility to get professional and financial services over the huge hurdle of confidentiality and data sharing. The concept with the AIR platform is that the data is never shared; it’s only accessed. It allows algorithms to extract insight from a variety of data sources. It could for example say that 60% of cases shared a commonality and not reveal confidential data. Working with the Financial Conduct Authority, Ashurst, Wilson Right and the University of Central London – amongst others, RegulAItion is taking their customers on a shared innovation journey creating a complete iterative loop.

The idea for AIR began life at the Next Generation Services Innovation Lab. Sally admits she didn’t really want to be there for the whole three days and there was a clash of perspectives to begin with, but that is where the real gem of an idea came from.

Sally has held numerous roles in the financial services industry and has worked on the core ideas that underpin the interconnected worlds of law, regulation and technology. She tells us that, despite this prior experience, her biggest achievement is “starting as a founder when you have no track record [of running a company] and building the business during the pandemic… It’s rewarding to see an idea in your head become reality, but it is a long journey; not for the faint hearted.”

To find out more, follow Sally Sfeir Tait on LinkedIn or visit RegulAItion’s website.


The Next Generation Services Programme is a £20 Million ISCF pioneer fund that supports the transformation of the accountancy, legal and insurance services sector with the use of Data and Artificial Intelligence. Forty projects have been awarded grant funding through this UKRI programme to pursue their ambition. AI for Services is the Innovation Network underpinning the programme.

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