AI for Services has launched a podcast series to share the personal stories of the founders who are leading the development of the awarded projects. In the first four episodes, Astrid Ayel interviews the Enabling Data Access Competition winners.

Episodes 1-4 are available now: listen below.

In Episode 1, self-confessed serial entrepreneur Shamus Rae of Engine B shares his passion for data models and talks about the purpose that drives his company forward.

In Episode 2, Sally Sfeir-Tait, CEO and Co-founder of RegulAItion, opens up about her journey from lawyer and regulator to starting her own business and talks about “balancing the interests of the few with the interests of the many, in a harmonious way”.

In Episode 3, Gavin Starks, CEO and founder of Icebreaker One, introduces us to the SERI (Standard for Environment, Risk and Insurance), a UKRI funded programme bringing partner organisations and leading institutions to bridge the data gaps between finance and climate change.

In Episode 4, Scott Nelson, CEO of Sweetbridge and founder of the KnowRisk Consortium, explains how they are building the infrastructure to manage and insure supply chain disruption risk.

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