The Department for Transport has announced the highly anticipated launch of UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE). This new unit will be housed within the Department for Transport, and will oversee a multiyear programme of interventions aimed at making the UK maritime sector a global leader in clean and smart maritime technologies.

By building on the successful interventions used across other transport modes, such as the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles, UK SHORE is a welcome and needed body dedicated to reducing maritime emissions.

Following on from the success of the £23m Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) in 2020, £206m of new funding has been made available under UK SHORE to accelerate the research and development of clean maritime technologies. The funding will enable the rollout of zero-emission vessel technology and infrastructure in order to hit the target for all vessels to be zero-emission by 2020.

“The timing of UK SHORE is perfect. The maritime sector is one of the trickiest transport modes to decarbonise along with aviation, and maritime has not had the same levels of attention or funding to facilitate this transition. The sector needs rapid intervention to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner future now if we aim to hit the required targets by 2050.”

Matthew Moss, Innovate UK KTN’s Maritime Lead

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