Are you the design mentor we are looking for?

Posted on: 28/02/2020

Register your interest in becoming a design mentor to work on projects with innovators!


KTN is looking for experienced design mentors who think like a design strategist and can see outside their specialism by applying their design skills to wider challenges.


We are looking for a pool of specialists that can work with a small number of companies who are deploying human-centred design within their projects, possibly for the first time.


KTN is looking to recruit a diverse set of mentors who are able to demonstrate they have the following knowledge and skills:

●  Excellent people skills, but are not afraid to ask difficult and challenging questions and suggest daring ideas when required Рprevious mentorship or advisory roles preferred
●  Explore issues deeply to get to the root cause of an issue, look widely across a system and reframe problems as opportunities
●  Is able to communicate the steps necessary to take products or services to market
●  Can communicate different design processes and methods and have extensively used these when consulting and working on projects
●  Can advise on and decide on appropriate user research methods
●  Can advise on and decide on appropriate prototyping and user testing methods
●  Can call upon the delivery of design projects that have had impact – particularly in projects for low-income or overseas markets


If this is you, please complete the ITQ by the 25th March. You can access the ITQ here.

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