Artificial Intelligence and Connected Services in Cities of the Future

Posted on: 30/08/2019

Leicester Innovation Hub, 11th September

KTN’s Specialist in Urban Living, Bruce McLelland, will be speaking at the¬†Artificial Intelligence and Connected Services in Cities of the Future event on 11 September.


Huge amounts of data are being generated by the interactions between people, sensors and services throughout our cities every day. This, coupled with the rise in interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new analytical techniques, has created the perfect environment for innovative solutions to make sense of these complex interactions and create value for businesses, the government and the wider community.


This workshop has been organized to create links between businesses, government and academics with the aim of producing some grant proposals for funded projects related to AI and connected services in cities of the future. This is a half-day session during which delegates will hear about cutting edge smart-city research, funding available for projects in this area and generate ideas for future projects.


The event will take place on 11t September from 12pm-4pm at Leicester Innovation Hub (128 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 7PA ).

To register for the event click here and enter the password, Smart Cities.

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