This important report reviews the UK’s dependancy on GNSS and recommends measures to improve resilience.

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) has become integral to our daily lives, and its role is set to increase with the development of new technologies and capabilities.

Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden CBE MP, states:

“This independent review represents a vital step in understanding the UK‚Äôs dependency on GNSS and recommends to Government a number of measures to improve our resilience. Importantly, it also recognises that innovation will be key to realising, fully and safely,¬†the economic and societal benefits offered by GNSS. The Government will give all due consideration to its findings.”

This report aims to lay out the breadth, scale and implications of the UK reliance on GNSS. Examining reliance in terms of existing critical national infrastructure (CNI), considering future digitally-based infrastructure – such as 5G, electricity system management, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things – and other non-critical applications, which GNSS will continue to enable.

Read the full report here.

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