Find out about the latest funding calls of relevance to the chemical sector. Last updated June 2021.

KTN’s Chemistry team have compiled a list of some of the latest funding competitions of relevance to the chemicals sector, with the intention of helping you to identify the most appropriate funding programmes to help take your innovations forward.

The team will be happy to help if you wish to find out more about these or other funding opportunities, need help to find collaborative partners, or are seeking advice on how to apply for funding. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For materials chemists, there may be additional relevant calls within our Manufacturing and Materials round-up.

Our funding page search engine has been redesigned and is now much easier to use. Click here for a list of all open chemistry, biotechnology and materials funding opportunities.

Older opportunities are below:

IETF energy efficiency and decarbonisation, Spring 2021

Organisations can apply for a share of up to £40 million to carry out feasibility and engineering studies into energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies for industrial processes, and to improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes, reducing energy bills and cutting carbon emissions.

You must be an industrial business of any size to apply. You can apply on your own or in collaboration with other organisations. Your project must take place at a manufacturing site or data centre in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and be led by the operator of that site.

Two strands are available, both closing on 14th July 2021:

  • energy efficiency and decarbonisation feasibility and engineering studies: £30k-£14m grant per project – click here for details
  • deployment of energy efficiency technologies: £100k-£14m grant per project – click here for details

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) links your organisation with one of the UK’s world-class knowledge bases (a university or research organisation) to power strategic innovation projects, embed expertise and drive commercial growth. needed to develop it, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership may be the answer. It creates a dynamic three-way collaboration ‚Äì between a business or not for profit organisation, a UK university or research organisation, and a suitably qualified graduate – to help realise a strategic innovation project, bring about transformative change and embed new capability.

Applications are open all year round, with the next deadline on 30th June 2021.

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Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Just like our highly effective KTP programme, Management KTPs (MKTPs) create a dynamic 3-way partnership between your company, a team of academic experts and a skilled graduate. The focus of a MKTP is specifically on increasing effectiveness and improving results through better management practices.

These are now applied for in the same way as KTPs, with the funding for mKTPs being drawn from a dedicated pool.

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