KTN is ideally placed to work for the greater good. We can bring together sectors to work on supply chain issues; our network can be a source of innovative solutions and approaches and KTN sits at the centre of this. We will be highlighting calls for support across many different sectors and signposting National Contact Points.


Ventilators (existing CE-marked products)

Ventilators (supply chain)

Innovation / tech

Other potential solutions

PPE (NHS Supply Chain)

Offer coronavirus (Covid-19) support from your business

UKRI Coronavirus Hub for all related research and innovation

National Institute for Health Research – Prioritising funding and support for Covid-19 research across the UK (click here if your study requires working with health boards, collection of samples and data, etc.)

Help the government increase coronavirus (Covid-19) testing capacity

CBI (Confederation of British Industries) Covid-19 hub

Regulatory Guidance

Click here for a full list of regulatory guidance relating to Covid-19 products and procedures.


Click here for a full list of Covid-19-related product specifications for manufacturers.


To return to the KTN Covid-19 hub page, click here.

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