Join us for a meeting to discuss design funding opportunities, developing partnerships, design strategies, innovative technologies, and getting involved with our community.

Curious about connecting, flummoxed finding funds, intrigued by the possibilities of design in innovation, or eager to chat about the possibilities?

We are excited to launch a Design Innovation Drop In Sessions on Fridays between 0930 and 1200. One to One 20-minute slots can be booked here.

At KTN connecting for positive change is our purpose. Whether that is people, designers, organisation, technologies, facilities, funding, investment, know-how, we have a network of over 200,000 innovators and a unique breadth and depth of expertise across sectors and technology areas.

Drop In Sessions could be used to:

  • explore funding options for design in innovation activity
  • find partners for design in innovation activity
  • share your story with us
  • explore how you might use design to improve your investment appeal and to minimise risk
  • explore your design strategy or opportunities for design in innovation

At each drop in session, you’ll meet one of our design team members and, if it’s appropriate, a sector or technology expert from one of the Innovate UK KTN sector and technology teams.

We look forward to connecting and having some great conversations!

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