This Electech report outlines the breadth, scope and future of the UK electronics and photonics industries.

Electech is the enabling technology that allows products and processes to communicate, have power, intelligence, situational awareness, be controlled, become automated, operate safely and even autonomously. It exists
as component technologies, devices, sub-systems, integrated systems and embedded software.


The report from Innovate UK reviews the technology of electech and then lays out a roadmap for the sector including trends and drivers, application areas, system-level capabilities, technologies and enablers.


The electech technology roadmap outlines the key technical developments in enabling technologies required for a range of expected future applications. It does not provide a plan for development because of the sheer range of existing and emerging electech and electech-related technologies. The roadmap aims to demonstrate the need to invest in enabling technologies by providing a high-level view of the electech sector’s breadth and importance, showing clear links between technologies and the industries as well as future applications they will enable.


It also examines the industrial sectors that most rely on and benefit from electech: aerospace, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer and retail.


The report concludes with a series of recommendations for industry and government, outlining the ways in which electech can enable UK industry to deliver innovation and increase productivity and competitiveness.


For more information, click here. The report can be accessed directly here.

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