The first problem that will be tackled at a forthcoming energy systems and mathematical science study group has been announced.

The organisers, KTN, alongside the University of Edinburgh and International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), are looking for researchers to work on the following conundrum:

A curious fluid resonance in a sloped channel on a wave energy converter

Mocean Energy is an Edinburgh-based company developing a wave energy converter (WEC), which converters energy in ocean waves into electricity.  The dynamics of the system are complex, including multiple, coupled degrees-of-freedom and frequency-dependent forces.

We believe that the optimisation has stumbled upon a phenomenon caused by the wave channels that creates a wave resonance, which may (or may not) be trapped mode.  We would like a linear mathematical model that is relevant to our conditions.


If you are a researcher working in a UK university who would like to get your work on this problem, please visit the ICMS page here.

A second problem titled ‘A Marine Propulsion Control System: Holy Grail or Maths‚Äô is being worked up and will be detailed shortly.

The problems will be discussed at the three-day study group from 5-7 December at ICMS in Edinburgh.  If you are interested in taking part, either as a researcher or as a representative of an organisation in energy systems wanting access to some of the brightest minds in mathematical sciences, visit the ICMS page here.

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