From 9 to 14 February 2020, the KTN International Team are in Tel Aviv.

The UK government, through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), aims to leverage the UK’s research with business investment to develop technologies and industries. The Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine (D2DPM) is a £210 million ISCF Programme that will bring the UK to the forefront of the development of innovative diagnostic tools, medical products and treatment. The latest funding scheme under the D2EDPM programme, will invest £5.4 million in projects that will apply whole genome sequencing approaches to cancer and will further contribute to the vision of the UK leading the precision medicine and genomic revolutions. Israel is investing equally as heavily in precision medicine. In March 2018 the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) was formed with the aim of creating new opportunities in this field and has a total budget of NIS 210 million ($58 million) to support businesses, universities and the health care system (Health Maintenance Organisations – HMOs) working together in different precision medicine areas.


The aim of the Expert Mission is to better understand the Israeli precision medicine innovation landscape, benchmarking against the UK capability.


The KTN International Team will bring you insights and outcomes following the mission and a report will be published on the KTN website.


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