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Posted on: 19/05/2022

Listen to Geo for Earth podcast series to explore the critical role the location intelligence plays in understanding our planet and solving the climate change challenges.

Geospatial intelligence is critical to understanding our planet and solving the challenge of climate change. However, collecting data at a local level in a uniform and consistent way has historically proven difficult due to disparities in capabilities, resources, and willpower across different regions. Stakeholders also remain competitive, rather than collaborative, and effective advancements in the fight against climate change are too often hindered. To alter this picture will require much wider sharing of data and intelligence so that the systems in which humans operate, whether it’s transport, energy, or finance, can be improved as a whole.

The Geo for Earth series explores this immense opportunity for inclusive growth, improved collaboration and cultural change, and will show, in each episode, how location data can be harnessed correctly and shared widely across sectors in order to support climate action.

Organised by Andy Bennett, Space Lead, and Luca Budello, Geospatial Lead at Innovate UK KTN, the eight 40-minute episodes will feature discussions around geospatial innovation, financing, nature, the built environment, transport and energy.

We are also excited to welcome Suzie Imber, space physicist at University of Leicester, and Dallas Campbell, science and technology TV presenter as discussion moderators. Each episode will feature two guest speakers from The Nature Conservancy, the Coalition for Forest Nation, the Geospatial Commission, the Climate Change Committee and Planet, to name just a few.

The launch of the first episode coincides with the release of our new publication, ‘Meeting Net Zero with the Power of Place’. Each podcast episode builds on a corresponding chapter in the report, allowing you to get a more in-depth understanding of the topics covered.
Click here to explore the interactive report.

EPISODE 1 – Climate: COP26 took place in November 2021. Where are we now?


What is the state of play post COP26? How can we continue to implement the actions discussed during the UN Climate Change Conference? And how can we maintain action and public interest in the climate emergency when dramatic international events take up the news headlines? These are the key questions that we will look at in the first episode of the Geo for Earth podcast.

Chris Stark – CEO, UK Climate Change Committee (CCC)
John Remedios – Director, National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

Click here to access the Episode 1 transcript.

Episode 2 – Innovation: What role does innovation play in the fight against climate change?

What is the role of geospatial data in building a more prosperous, yet sustainable tomorrow? In this episode, we will explore why innovation is so important for turning challenges into opportunities, as well as building economic resilience. We will also challenge our understanding of what innovation actually means in the context of climate action, and discuss about the need for incremental versus transformational change.

Luca Budello – Knowledge Transfer Manager for Geospatial, Innovate UK KTN
Geoff Kendall – Co-founder and CEO, FutureFit

Click here to access the Episode 2 transcript.

Episode 3 – Finance: How do we mobilise the trillions of dollars necessary to transition to a low carbon economy and build a more equitable & just society?

What is the role of finance in supporting the efforts towards reaching net zero and reducing carbon emissions? In this episode, we will explore how finance can tackle injustice by supporting business to understand financial risk, and transfer wealth from developed to developing countries for the benefit of the environment and the people that look after it.

Josh Gilbert – CEO, SustGlobal
Federica Bietta – Managing Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations


Stay tuned for more episodes! 

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