The digital revolution is affecting almost every aspect of modern life, and is particularly important in the area of healthcare.

The Digital Health 2017 conference, on 2-5 July 2017 in London, has introduced a new strategic theme to its programme: emergency and humanitarian medicine.

This theme will focus on addressing the acute needs of natural and manmade disasters, where it can be crucial to take full advantage of the opportunities created by geo-located big data, mobile technology and crowdsourcing for improving resilience, early warning and response to disasters and emergencies.

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The conference will cover a wide variety of subjects including:

  • communities of practice and social networks
  • analytics and engagement with tracking and monitoring wearable devices
  • big data
  • public health surveillance
  • persuasive technologies
  • epidemic intelligence
  • participatory surveillance
  • emergency medicine
  • serious games for public health interventions
  • automated early identification of health threats and response

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