The Innovate UK KTN Hydrogen Innovation Network's first podcast episode, presented by Steffan Eldred and Simon Buckley from Innovate UK KTN, discusses going ‘back to basics’ regarding the colours of hydrogen, with special guest Sam French, Business Development Director at Johnson Matthey.

This first episode was inspired by an Innovate UK KTN perspective commenting on the UK government’s Hydrogen Strategy released by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in August 2021. Following the publication of this perspective, it was very evident to our Innovate UK KTN experts that the uses and challenges of ‘blue’ and ‘green’ hydrogens were generating a strong debate depending on their application areas.

Over a 20-minute discussion, Simon, Steffan and Sam try to answer the questions: how is hydrogen currently produced? How will it be produced in the future? And how will it fit in with the energy system?


Steffan Eldred | Knowledge Transfer Manager – Energy & Infrastructure
Simon Buckley | Knowledge Transfer Manager – Zero Emission Mobility
Sam French | Business Development Director – Johnson Matthey

Useful links and additional information

The Hydrogen Economy Innovation Network is a non-competitive community and an advisory group that pools knowledge from existing hydrogen communities to validate views on the current challenges to enabling low-carbon hydrogen uptake at scale and cost.

Innovate UK KTN’s perspective on the Government’s Hydrogen Strategy 2021

Innovate UK KTN’s Energy Team – at the centre of Innovate UK KTN’s work contributing to delivering the UK’s ambitious Net Zero targets

Johnson Matthey – hydrogen energy generation and storage


Click here to read the transcript of the episode.

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