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Find out what large innovation challenges these key players are facing and put forward disruptive solutions that your new and cutting edge technologies could deliver. Innovate UK KTN Innovation Exchange provides you with the opportunity to become directly linked to, or collaborate with, key industry stakeholders who are actively seeking the most innovative solutions to help them achieve their full potential.

Technology and solutions to enhance the capability of Maritime Mission Systems

The iX Challenge competition, delivered by KTN, is supporting BAE Systems Surface Ships to identify innovative solutions to enhance and enrich the Maritime Mission Systems marketplace. This long-standing, traditional market has recently become primed for new lines of thinking from the not-so-usual suspects. Top-performing solutions will be invited to participate in a Codeathon within a warship environment alongside those with the keys to the vessels concerned. No good idea or refined solution will be left behind. Closes 28th Jan 2022.

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Alternative Adhesives for Automated Insert Fixtures on Spacecraft

The iX challenge competition, delivered by Innovate UK KTN, is supporting Airbus to identify innovative adhesives that can be used to adhere insert fixings to Satellites. The business(es) with the most promising solution(s), as selected by the challenge owner, may be given a commercial opportunity to deliver their solution and receive support from Innovate UK KTN and the wider Innovate UK network. Closes 10th Feb 2022.

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Autonomous forward motion or hover air vehicle concepts to be launched from rotary wing platforms

Leonardo UK Ltd Helicopters Division (LHUK) is seeking to understand the potential to deliver or contribute to the delivery of capability through the deployment of drones / UAV’s defined in defence terms as Air Launched Effects (ALE). These would be launched (and recovered) from existing and future rotary wing platforms, both crewed and uncrewed, and utilise emergent teaming & swarming technologies.

Technologies of interest are forward motion or hover air vehicles capable of being launched from rotary winged platforms. Closes 14th Feb 2022.

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Recycled Aluminium Conductor Cable

An Innovate UK KTN Innovation Exchange client is seeking innovative approaches to rapidly recycle and reuse aluminium alloy cables as a high voltage conductor, which can offer the same electrical performance as industry-standard type registered conductor. The client maintains large grids in the UK and is looking to remove cables from above ground and transform them into cables that either meet the requirements for buried cables or provide a route for recycling them back into new cables that can be buried. The winning business(es) in this Innovation Exchange competition will be given an opportunity to present their solutions to the client, with the potential of a commercial opportunity to deliver their solution. Closes 17th Feb 2022.

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Novel energy storage for sea and land based applications

The Challenge Owner is seeking a novel rechargeable energy storage system for deployment on-board ships and large land-based vehicles, and also static land-based applications. Solutions should be capable of storing energy from hours to days (and preferably longer) with a quick response time.

Priority will be given to modular systems and proposed solutions at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5 or higher – technology validated in a relevant environment. Consideration may be given to lower TRLs, however, the solution should be close to deployment within a 5-year horizon.

Closes 21st Feb 2022.

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