Fredell Jacobs, Country Lead shares his thoughts on the project which has recently launched in Gauteng, South Africa.

South Africa has been ranked as the 13th biggest carbon dioxide emitter in the world. For the country to help bring global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050, it will need to cut its emissions by approximately 60% to 75%. Not only will this benefit the planet, but the people of South Africa too, with up to 1.6 million additional jobs set to be created economy-wide through power sector transformation.

To aid with this, KTN Global Alliance Africa, a six-year project funded by UK Aid through Innovate UK (GCRF) and FCDO, has now officially launched in South Africa. Fredell Jacobs, KTN Country Lead for South Africa says,

“Our purpose is to create diverse connections to drive positive change within the country.”

He explains that Innovate UK KTN’s initial priorities are to conduct comprehensive diagnostics and listen to people who are actively involved in the local ecosystem.

“This process helps us understand where the gaps are and what we can do to contribute towards addressing innovation capacity and competency shortfalls through collaboration, knowledge exchange and technology transfer.”

Dr Alicia Greated, Chief Executive Officer at Innovate UK KTN adds,

“The overall objective of KTN Global Alliance Africa is to build stronger UK-African and Pan-African knowledge and partnerships that enable us to connect innovators for positive change. I’m delighted to be working so collaboratively with our partners here in South Africa.”

Jacobs concludes by saying,

“We want to collaborate with local innovation ecosystem practitioners and beneficiaries to enhance and strengthen innovation capacity and support for economic, social, environmental and cultural value creation.”

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