KTN Global Alliance Africa aims to build stronger UK-African and Pan-African knowledge and innovation partnerships that lead to mutual socio-economic benefits for African partner countries and the UK. Watch our introductory video to learn more about this exciting project.

The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges.

Working in partnership with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and Innovate UK, KTN Global Alliance Africa drives knowledge transfer and collaboration that foster long-lasting, strategic partnerships between Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and the UK. In doing so, it aims to accelerate innovations that promote inclusive economic growth, job creation and reduction of poverty

In alliance with our partner countries we aim to:

  • Drive collaboration and knowledge transfer as the foundation to long-lasting, strategic partnerships.
  • Accelerate ambitious ideas into real-world solutions by taking open innovation and access to investment beyond existing thinking.
  • Strengthen the capacity and resilience of local and national innovation systems in areas of high potential by connecting, coordinating and collaborating with UK and African businesses, academia, investors, government, public funders and NGOs.

Our alliance will build stronger business and policy environments to promote job creation, Inclusive growth and poverty reduction, whilst addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“KTN Global Alliance Africa is a refreshing new approach harnessing the collective power of innovators in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK, to drive positive change and create value. It is focussed on building long-term partnerships connecting the innovation ecosystems of these four countries, so that innovation stakeholders – businesses, community, government and others – can come together to share knowledge, learn from each other and work together. We are excited to see how Global Alliance Africa catalyses collaboration between the UK and these three African countries.”

Janet Geddes, Innovate UK


To find out more about KTN Global Alliance Africa, please watch the video below as we introduce the exciting work this project aims to achieve.

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KTN Global Alliance Africa Place-based Innovation – Local Design Workshops. Place-based Innovation is a key intervention within the KTN Global Alliance Africa. Its objective is to strengthen the local innovation ecosystem and improve access to meaningful opportunities in each of our pilot areas:

Eldoret, Kenya

Design Workshop 1: 25th August 2021
Design Workshop 2: 2nd September 2021

Ekiti State, Nigeria

Design Workshop 1: 25th August 2021
Design Workshop 2: 2nd September 2021

Guateng, South Africa

Design Workshop 1: 8th September 2021
Design Workshop 2: 15th September 2021

Register for any of the above sessions here.

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