Help us understand how innovators in manufacturing businesses undertake the stages, from prototype to scaled-up manufacturing and commercialisation.

In a recent blog the KTN Manufacturing team looked at the challenges manufacturing companies faced when bringing hardware products to market.  Some of the skills and knowledge we highlighted included manufacturing strategy, design for manufacturing and assembly, testing, make-buy decisions, supply chain management, and manufacturing process design, investment, licensing and IP.


We want to understand better how you as innovators complete the stages in the journey to commercialise a hardware product and what wins and challenges you face along the way.  We’ve designed a survey to capture your thoughts and experiences and would welcome your input.


We’re keen to collect views from different stages of the product development lifecycle with a view to refining support available for those making the challenging transition from prototype to scaled-up manufacturing.


The results of this survey will help shape the funding and collaboration support KTN can provide to hardware innovators.


If you are a hardware developer, please take 5 minutes to complete our survey. In some cases, we’d like to follow up with a more detailed discussion about your journey – if this is something you’d be interested in there will be an opportunity to indicate this in the survey.

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