Latest Horizon 2020 Calls now extended due to Covid-19

Posted on: 14/04/2020

Extensions are now in place for some Horizon 2020 calls to support additional time required for preparation.

Changes to working and personal circumstances due to Covid-19 may impact on writing proposals and so extensions to some Horizon 2020 calls have now been published on the Participant Portal to give people more time to prepare.

In addition, a new Frequently Asked Questions document has been published. To view the FAQs, click here.


Deadlines coming up in April 2020


23 April



28 April 

H2020-LC-SC3-REA-RIA > LC-SC3-JA-5-2020, LC-SC3-RES-1-2019-2020, LC-SC3-RES-10-2020, LC-SC3-RES-18-2020, LC-SC3-RES-26-2020, LC-SC3-RES-31-2020, LC-SC3-RES-32-2020, LC-SC3-RES-37-2020


29 April



Initiatives tackling COVID-19 – H2020 calls for third parties:

> DIH-HERO Fighting COVID-19 – Using Robotics for Healthcare (deadline: 17 April 2020)
> SmartEEs2 (deadline: various cut-off dates until 31 August 2021)
> AMable COVID-19 (deadline: various cut-off dates until 30 October 2020)


For a list of all open calls with new deadlines, visit the Participant Portal here.


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