How KTP helped research, develop and implement an innovative remote system which monitors and analyses individual behavioural patterns and movements.

The aim of this 24 month Knowledge Transfer Partnership was to: – Research, develop and implement an innovative remote and robust system which monitors and analyses individual behavioural patterns and movements.

Knowledge Transfer Adviser John Clayton said: “This KTP was a very ambitious undertaking from the start in terms of both the technical complexity (the necessary insight into commercial and cost effective production of a robust monitoring device) and the scientific novelty of delivering a new tracking solution capable of operating in multiple environments and extendable beyond the initial care home / vulnerable person context: A high calibre KTP and there’s a definite probability of a further KTP between the partners.”  

The KTP delivered outstanding results across the three KTP agendas of business impact, significant research and teaching enhancement plus graduate talent growth.

A new, innovative high margin business unit was created, Omega Analytics Systems, for which the KTP Associate has been appointed as Technical Director while continuing his PhD with Leeds Beckett University. The KTP partners retain an intense ongoing relationship and this first collaboration via the KTP delivered very significant research, teaching and publication impacts.

“There is a genuine feeling of excitement and pride that the Company is now intrinsically innovative.”

“KTN’s KTA John Clayton has been invaluable. His experience with all aspects of the KTP platform, his understanding of the process and his knowledge of other companies that have undertaken KTPs, has been of paramount importance. John sets the bar at a very high level and this has been inspirational in creating a desire to achieve the highest standard of results.”

– S. Ward, Director, Omega Security Systems Limited

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