KTN Global Alliance Africa is a UK-funded 6-year project that aims to promote job creation, inclusive growth and poverty reduction through knowledge transfer, skills building and opportunities to support businesses and innovations that can deliver scalable impact.


We are looking for large* Kenya-based companies from the AgriFood Sector wanting to find rapid innovative solutions to their industry challenges. Deadline to apply: 30 August 2021.

Get in touch if you are:
  • *A large Kenya-based, Kenya registered company working in the AgriFood sector with an annual turnover of over KES 10M, an asset base of over KES 5M and/or a workforce size of over 50 employees
  • You have a concrete industry challenge that would benefit from cross-sector solutions¬†

We will help you to define your challenge, translate it into a technical problem statement, launch it for public competition and, through a selection process, find the best solution out there!

Download the AgriFood Africa iX Challenge brochure here, or contact us directly for more information:

– Sheilah Birgen, Kenya Country Lead: sheilah.birgen@ktn-global.org
– Chiara Bassetti, Project Management Lead: chiara.bassetti@ktn-uk.org

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