Over the last three years Innovate UK has been supporting the development of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to increase productivity whilst keeping people safe in hazardous and extreme environments. These technologies could be applied in offshore, nuclear, space or mining industries, with some cross-cutting across multiple sectors. As of February 2020, £95.1 million had been committed, complemented by around £80 million of industry matched funding. This has supported collaborative research and development projects, plus specialist hubs of expertise focused on specific industries.

Find out more about this ISCF funded programme, the robotics & AI in development and which organisations are involved in this latest version of the project directory. Whether you are working in one of these target industries or another, you may find solutions to your own workplace challenges, or an organisation from the cohort that holds the expertise you require for a bespoke solution. Anyone seeking to scan the horizon for current developments in robotics & AI will find this brochure insightful – whether an end user or innovator, or simply an enthusiast for any of the sectors involved.

Download the brochure to learn more.

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