With funding of up to $1 million available, the QOI Program is seeking submissions for these exciting innovation opportunities.

Value extraction from agricultural sidestreams

Hassad Foods are seeking innovative technologies to create new products from food bio-sidestreams. Deadline April 14th.

Atmospheric Water Harvesting in harsh environments

Hassad Foods invites proposals for technologies which extract water from the environment and utilise water more efficiently with the goal of reducing the pressures on local reservoirs and irrigation systems. Deadline April 7th.

Reducing humidity of cooling air within greenhouses

Hassad Foods are looking for low cost, low energy innovative solutions that can reduce the humidity of the cooling air in greenhouses below 70% as a minimum. Deadline March 31st.

Winners receive funding to develop and pilot their innovation, along with the possibility of partnerships with Opportunity Owners.

Apply here: https://connect.qrdi.org.qa/innovation/p#challenges

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