How UK based Clogworks Technologies Ltd use 3D printing technology to produce their precision engineered drones.


KTN’s Additive Manufacturing Special Interest Group (AM SIG) has been working with Clogworks Technologies, based in West Yorkshire. The business specialises in design and manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). In this 3-minute video, co-founder Peter Opdam talks about his passion for technology and why 3D printing has been instrumental in the evolution of their trademarked Dark Matter drones.

“3D printing allows us to create a part and test it without being restricted by having to create large volumes of parts. We can continuously adapt, adopt, improve and evolve, which is very important and gives us a lot of flexibility.”

“Using 3D printing I can get exactly what I want. I find it rewarding to create something I can hold in my hand afterwards and the rapid turnaround makes life much easier.”

Watch the video and if you’re interested in learning more about Additive Manufacturing, contact the AM SIG lead, Dr Richard Cooper.

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