What Technical Skills Does The UK Food & Drink Sector Need? Read the new report from KTN & IFST

Posted on: 23/06/2021

The food and drink sector makes up a significant and successful part of the UK economy. Its success relies on the sector being able to continually innovate and improve productivity within an environment where a number of new disruptors are emerging.

At the heart of the sector’s capability to face these challenges is its access to a skilled workforce who can facilitate future opportunities for growth. However, recruiting technical and skilled personnel is being reported as becoming increasingly difficult by businesses, who feel there is a growing shortage of adequately skilled candidates for a number of roles.

These recruitment issues are likely to act as a significant barrier to innovation, improving productivity and assuring capability within the sector in the future.

Our report presents the results and findings of a sector-wide survey carried out by KTN and IFST addressing a number of themes relating to the food and drink sector, specifically engagement, resources, skills & training and recruitment.

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